Hi, my name is MayiVT
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I started learning coding at 5 years old, now im 14, I love code, i have some Open Source applications that can be used for many things, and also developing a discord bot.

I also love music and help! I play two instruments! Harp and Violin.

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Minecraft Server Creator

Minecraft Server Creator is an open source application that, it's an interactive application to make a minecraft server easily, cooming with future big updates. Currently only working on Windows.

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RP Bot

An open source javascript discord bot, for roleplay servers. Under development.

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An open source free comission.

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Comission 2

An open source free comission.

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NekoWater v2.1.0

My best project, NekoWater it's an a private source discord bot. With a lot of functions and currently prepairing the biggest update! The v3!

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Contact for support or other things.